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Wellman(g) (H3.5)

Around 1999, a cotton farmer uncovered a stone while plowing about a half-mile south of Wellman, Texas. He kept the stone in his garage until 2004, when he contacted McCartney Taylor, who identified the stone as a meteorite. The Wellman meteorite is an ordinary chondrite and has a total known weight of 16.8 kg.

NOTE: The Wellman(g) was previously known as the Wellman(f) Provisional it is now the Wellman(g) as of 2024.

ID #: WellmanF14-8 Weight : 14.8 g Price: $ 44.40
ID #: WellmanF31-8 Weight : 31.8 g Price: $ 95.40
ID #: WellmanF33-5 Weight : 33.5 g Price: $ 100.50
ID #: WellmanF380 Weight : 380 g Price: $ 1140.00 Notes: Slice

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  1. Sheila Stephens says:

    I am looking for some help as I am new to meteors. Back in the summer I was at my brothers house in Kentucky when his wife and her daughter saw a meteor during the day time on a sunny day. Do you think it is worth looking for? I think I might be able to find the exact day and approx. time. Does the weather radar keep a listing of this type of occurance?
    Thanks for any help.

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