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Tahoka (L5)

Around 1994, a farmer found a 7.7-kg stone while hoeing land about 4 miles east of Tahoka, in Lynn County, Texas. His wife kept the stone in her garden for many years. Upon her death, the farmer had the stone analyzed at Texas Tech University. It was identified as a meteorite, but for the next few years the farmer did nothing with it except use it as a doorstop in his garage.

In 2000, the meteorite was further identified as a chondrite L5. It has a total known weight of 7.7 kg.


ID #: Tahoka21-4 Weight : 21.4 g Price: $107.00
ID #: Tahoka32-6 Weight : 32.6 g Price: $163.00
ID #: Tahoka34 Weight : 34 g Price: $170.00
ID #: Tahoka56-9 Weight : 56.9 g Price: $284.50
ID #: Tahoka106-6 Weight : 106.6 g Price: $533.00
ID #: Tahoka140-8 Weight : 140.8 g Price: $704.00 This piece has been coated with Krylon for contrast.
ID #: Tahoka565 Weight : 565 g Price: $2825.00

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