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Moss (CO3.6)

Thousands of people witnessed the fall in Østfold, Norway on July 14, 2006, which was generally described by observers as “brighter than the sun.” The initial piece to be found was rumored to have landed on an aluminum sheet. Four more pieces were recovered from the area, placing the total known weight at 3.76 kg.

The Moss meteorite is classified as a carbonaceous chondrite. It is rife with small chondrules. Also present are refractory inclusions, and isolated grains of olivine, troilite, and kamacite.

For more information visit: https://www.lpi.usra.edu/meteor/metbull.php?code=36592



ID #: Moss0-3 Weight : 0.3 g Price: $55.20
ID #: Moss0-4 Weight : 0.4 g Price: $73.60
ID #: Moss0-7 Weight : 0.7 g Price: $128.80
ID #: Moss1-5 Weight : 1.5 g Price: $276.00

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