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Buzzard Coulee (H4)

NOTE: Oriented Stone are on bottom of page
Winter Finds are in Middle position
Spring Finds are on top.

On November 20, 2008 a great fireball illuminated the evening skies along the Alberta/Saskatchewan border of Canada. Some people heard tinking of hail on their roofs in the north end of the strewnfield. About three hours drive east of Edmonton, peices were found near Lone Rock. Some pieces were found on a frozen small river in a ravine named Buzzard Coulee. It was from the ravine the new H4 chondrite got its name. lonerock

The first pieces were recovered by a resident the next morning finding a large black stone in his lawn, and a week later the U. of Calgary team found more fragments on frozen ponds in the area. The University of Calgary were the first to hold a media frenzy about the meteorite finds. An intense hunt pushed forward in the next few days after the Calgary team’s find, including my team. Both teams found hundreds of stones, and both were stopped by the heavy snow that fell a few days later.

In April 2009, the snows began to melt and I was the first person in the field to start the hunt again. I was only able to hunt the melted snow patches first, but every day the snows melted more and by the end of two weeks I was able to hunt the field unhindered. By the time I left, there where 13 other hunters in nearby fields. Within weeks there were over 50 people hunting.

The total known weight for the Buzzard Coulee is 450 kg, at this time.

For more information about the Buzzard Coulee (H4) visit the Meteoritical Bulletin Entry Here: https://www.lpi.usra.edu/meteor/metbull.php?code=48654



These stones were found during the spring snowmelt. They had spent the winter in deep freeze and were recovered as the snow retreated.


ID #: Buzzard Coulee17-1
Weight : 17.1 g
Price: $ sold
Notes: Individual with 95% fusion crust.
ID #: Buzzard Coulee18-2
Weight : 18.2 g
Price: $ sold
Notes: Half stone, 40% fusion crust.
Broken face shows hint of fusion crust lipping over 1 edge.
ID #: Buzzard Coulee 23-1
Weight : 23-1 g
Price: $ sold
Notes: Nice individual with 95% fusion crust. Has 2/3 primary and 1/3 secondary crust
ID #: Buzzard Coulee 34-8
Weight : 34.8 g
Price: $ 418.00
Notes: Individual with 90% fusion crust. Hint of lipping, but hard to tell.
ID #: Buzzard Coulee 38-3
Weight : 38.3 g
Price: $ 459.60
Notes: Individual with 80% fusion crust.
ID #: Buzzard Coulee 34-9
Weight : 34.9 g
Price: $ 420.00
Notes: Pyramidal individual with 00% fusion crust. Has a little dirt still. Some white mineralization on a corner.
ID #: Buzzard Coulee44-5
Weight : 44.5 g
Price: $ 534.00
Notes: Individual with 98% fusion crust.


The winter stones are all that I have left of the stones found immediately after the fall. They were exposed to a little rain for the week they were in the elements, but otherwise are in superior shape to the Spring Stones above.

ID #: Buzzard Coulee3-3 The “Deep Freeze” stone
Weight : 3.3 g
Price: $ 5,000
Notes: Individual was found frozen in a small pond a cm under the ice. And I spent…half an hour chiseling this out in -30C weather using only a rock as a tool. 90% fusion crust. It ain’t gonna be cheap. The crust has an odd patina to it. Any ideas?
Deep Freeze in situ
ID #: Buzzard Coulee14-4
Weight : 14.4 g
Price: $ 300
Notes: Neat little pebble. 90% fusion crust.
Back of specimen.
ID #: Buzzard Coulee14-9
Weight : 14.9 g
Price: $ 350
Notes: Neat little individual. 100% fusion crust.
Has mud stain on back side where it landed near warm
oilfield equipment. Possible hammer stone off of oil tank
Back of Specimen.
ID #: Buzzard Coulee21-7
Weight : 21.7 g
Price: $ 435
Notes: 4 sided little individual. 90% fusion crust
Back of specimen.
ID #: Buzzard Coulee55-1 “The Breadloaf”
Weight : 55-1 g
Price: $ 2100
Notes:Wicked oriented individual! 96% fusion crust.
Flow lines flow lines! Heat shield. Damn this is a sweet piece. One of a kind.
Back of specimen.

Oriented Meteorites or Really Awesome Stones

ID #: Buzzard Coulee10-2
Weight : 10.2 g
Price: $ 295
Notes: Half stone with picture perfect flowlines,
and some lipping. Nifty stone. 40% crusted
Back of specimen.
ID #: Buzzard Coulee12-6
Weight : 12.6 g
Price: $ 226
Notes: individual. 95% fusion crust I can’t really decide if I see orientation.
But it is a neat button of a meteorite.
Back of Specimen.
ID #: Buzzard Coulee18b
Weight : 18 g
Price: $270
Notes: No true signs of orientation, however, i
t looks like a heatshield and is a neat specimen.
Back of specimen.
ID #: Buzzard Coulee19-9
Weight : 19.9 g
Price: $ sold
Notes: Lots of lipping, some flowlines, 100% fusion crust. A gem.
Back of specimen.
ID #: Buzzard Coulee20-5
Weight : 20.5 g
Price: $ 287
Notes: In truth, this is an ugly burnt rock. However, it has a broken face on the back that shows how lipping coats the backside of a stone in flight. The beginnings of secondary crust didn’t get very far on the backside.
Back of specimen.
ID #: Buzzard Coulee24-9
Weight : 24.9 g
Price: $ 405
Notes: 80% fusion crust. This has the strangest fusion crust of all the stones. Deep thick fusion crust on one side, triangular fusion feature on another. I really don’t know what to make of this stone, but it is very interesting.
Back of specimen.
ID #: Buzzard Coulee25-8
Weight : 25.8 g
Price: $567
Notes: Half stone with broken face. This is ONLY Buzzard stone of the hundreds I found that was irradescent! I love these types of stones. It also has a sharp defined lipping around the irradescent bottom.
Back of specimen.
ID #: Buzzard Coulee27-6
Weight : 27.6 g
Price: $497
Notes: 3 sided fragment. Heavy lipping on 2 edges. 60% fusion crust
Back of specimen.
ID #: Buzzard Coulee27-8
Weight : 27.8 g
Price: $sold
Notes: Strong lipping, faint flow lines. And 100% fusion crusted. Pretty pretty.
Back of specimen.
ID #: Buzzard Coulee28
Weight : 28.0 g
Price: $497
Notes: Oriented fragment. Lipping coming around over the edges of the broken face. 55% fusion crust.
Back of specimen.
ID #: Buzzard Coulee29-7
Weight : 29.7
Price: $ sold
Notes: Oriented atypical headshield with subtle flowlines, lots of lipping, and the congeled rock sandpaper effect on the underside of the lipping.
More pictures coming soon!
ID #: Buzzard Coulee36-4
Weight : 36.4 g
Price: $440
Notes: 95% fusion crust. Long and thin, no orientation, but I like it.
Back of specimen.
ID #: Buzzard Coulee38-4 “Dog’s Head”
Weight : 38.4 g
Price: $960
Notes: You guessed it, it looks like dog’s head from the side and above. Two eyes, a flat mouth, even the front has a chip for the nose.
Back of specimen.
ID #: Buzzard Coulee41-5
Weight : 41.5 g
Price: $sold
Notes: Some lipping on the underside. 99% fusion crusted. Some secondary crust.
Back of specimen.
ID #: Buzzard Coulee42-9 “Flying Wing”
Weight : 42.9 g
Price: $ sold
Notes: OMG! This is the stone I went to Canada to find. All the others were just distractions. (Note to wife – If I die before this stone is sold, bury it with me.) This is the absolute most wicked specimen I found. It looks like batman’s plane. Thin trailing edge with flowlines all over, followed by a thick distinct lipping edge.
ID #: Buzzard Coulee50-1 “Bird of Prey”
Weight : 50.1 g
Price: $ sold
Notes: Heatshield! And the thickest lipping of all my meteorites found in Buzzard. These pictures don’t do this justice, the two points left and right on the first picture are pointing out and an angle. The stone kind of resembles a klingon bird of prey. Great dome shaped heatshield.
Back of specimen.
ID #: Buzzard Coulee55-8
Weight : 55.8 g
Price: $ 1,395
Notes: Big honking headshield. Flow lines galore, Lipping even coalesced rock that melted and cooled like rough 80 grit sandpaper. Has 1 damn chip on front, otherwise a perfect oriented specimen.
Back of specimen.
ID #: Buzzard Coulee80
Weight : 80 g
Price: $ 1,350
Notes: Largest I brought back (but not found!). This skull-cracker has grass impact stains on the bottom. Some lipping and flowlines on one side. I believe I have and in-situ shot of it on picassa. 98% crusted.
Back of specimen.

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  1. Albert Piontek says:

    i`m intersting to buy meteorite specimen Buzzard Coulee 17-1 for $205 or 12-6 for $226.
    Sent you to Germany? I would pay over Paypal

    Regards Albert from Germany

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