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Ash Creek (West) (L6)

The Ash Creek meteorite, formerly known as the West, Texas meteorite, fell the morning of Feb 15, 2009. Seen from Austin and caught on film, it was headed west. It was seen from Dallas, Houston, Fredericksburg and other places in Texas. The sonic boom of the explosion rocked McLennan county. Near the small town of Birome, some windows were broken.

I was on News 8 within 36 hours predicting the meteorite would be found near Waco. The first reports of stones found came from the Mike Farmer team. The next morning I was in West at the strewnfield. The timing was bad, plowing was about to happen and we had to work fast. My first trip was 48 hours and I was mainly securing land permissions and trying to determine the strewnfield direction. The second trip I got to hunt more and recovered one stone.

For more information about the Ash Creek (West) (L6) visit the Meteoritical Bulletin Entry Here: http://www.lpi.usra.edu/meteor/metbull.php?code=48954

This fall is over 13 miles long, and it probably blew up high, resulting in a long, low density fall. Average walk time to a find is about 10 hours.

It is classified as a L6 highly veined, which explains the high altitude early breakup. The total known weight of the West meteorite is 3 kilos, which is a very low weight.

Slices, Part Slices

ID #: AshCreek0-01
Weight : 0.01 g
Price: $ 15.00
Notes: Specimen has 50%
fusion crust
ID #: AshCreek4-2
Weight : 4.2 g
Price: $ 336.00
Notes: Specimen displays about 5% fusion crust.
Dimensions: 20 mm x 10 mm 2mm
ID #: AshCreek21-6
Weight : 21.6 g
Price: $864.0.00
Notes: Very nice part slice about 5 mm thick and has been polished on one side. Fusion crust on 3/4 of the outer ring.
Dimensions: 38 x 21 x 5 mm
ID #: AshCreek13-6
Weight : 13.6 g
Price: $ SOLD
Notes: Very nice part slice about 5 mm thick and has been polished on one side. Fusion crust on 1/2 of the outer ring.
Dimensions: 38 x 21 x 5 mm
ID #: AshCreek22-2
Weight : 22.2 g
Price: $ 888.00
Notes: Part slice about 3 mm thick and polished on one side.Outer ring has about 60% of fusion crust.
Dimensions: 40 x 33 x 3 mm
ID #: AshCreek13-1
Weight : 13.1g
Price: $ 524.00
Notes: Specimen is 3 mm thick and one side is polished.Fusion crust on 85% of outer ring.
Dimensions: 30 x 32 x 3 mm
ID #: AshCreek26-4
Weight : 26.4 g
Price: $ 1068.00
Notes: Part slice about 4 mm thick and polished on one side. About 1/2 of outer ring has fusion crust.
Dimensions: 46 x 35 x 4 mm
ID #: AshCreek38
Weight : 38 g
Price: $ sold
Notes: Nice end cut with about 75% fusion crust.
Dimensions: 42 x 38 x 20 mm
ID #: AshCreek38-7
Weight : 38.7 g
Price: $ 1548.00
Notes: Part slice about 4 mm thick and polished on one side. 3/4 of the outer ring has fusion crust.
Dimensions: 50 X 31 X 4 mm


ID #: AshCreek17-5
Weight : 17.5 g
Price: $ SOLD
Notes: Individual is 100% crusted with about 30% secondary fusion crust. Picture of this specimen found in the field can be see here .
 ID #: AshCreek28-7
Weight : 28.7 g
Price: $ 1291.50
Notes: This specimen has a silver line of unknown origin. Also there are many contraction cracks on this individual. It is composed of about 99% primary fusion crust but there is a small chip in the crust. This is the finest specimen found by Mc.Taylor, in his opinion. Extraordinary fusion crust texture.
ID #: AshCreek29-5
Weight : 29.50 g
Price: $SOLD
Notes: There is a silvery sheen on one side of this individual. Robert Ward and I were debating if it was some sulfide. Its been seen on 3-4 stones out there. Complete stone with 90% primary fusion crust and 10% fusion crust on an edge. No chips.
ID #: AshCreek14-5
Weight : 14.5 g
Price: $ SOLD
Notes: Unique individual that has
a heat shield shape but it is not a
heat shield. There is 50% primary
crust and 50% secondary crust on this specimen.

A specimen card will be included with meteorite.

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  1. james vorce says:

    Dear sirs i have found a 2 lb meteorite .Done the magnet test passed.and the tile test passed and the window test that passes to do want it tested where can i go to have it tested.Im in Glen Rose TX

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