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Odessa Individuals (IA)

The Odessa meteorite fell in prehistoric times but was not recognized until 1922 by Daniel Barringer as the second impact crater to fall in the US. The crater is about 535 feet across but is only has a maximum depth of about 30 feet. Over the years there has been a large amount of exploration and recover of specimens totaling over 1.6 metric tons. The Odessa meteorite is classified as Coarse Octahedrite.

For more information about the Odessa (IA) visit the Meteoritical Bulletin Entry Here: http://www.lpi.usra.edu/meteor/metbull.php?code=17985

ID # Odessa1-6 Weight : 1.6 g Price: $10.00
ID # Odessa1-8 Weight : 1.8 g Price: $10.00
ID # Odessa2-4 Weight : 2.4 g Price: $12.00
ID # Odessa2-5 Weight : 2.5 g Price: Sold
ID # Odessa2-5b Weight : 2.5 g Price: Sold
ID # Odessa2-7 Weight : 2.7 g Price: Sold

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