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Muonionalusta (IVA)

The first Muonionalusta meteorite, from the north of the Artic circle in the uppermost region of Sweden (Coordinates 67*48’N/23*6′ E), was discovered in 1906 by Viktor Mattila and his sister Amalia Mattila. In subsequent years other Muonionalustas have been found in the region as well. The largest specimen, weighing 15 kg, was found in 1946.

For more information about the Muonionalusta (IVA)  visit the Meteoritical Bulletin Entry Here: http://www.lpi.usra.edu/meteor/metbull.php?code=16873

The Muonionalusta is an iron meteorite classified as a fine octahedrite. An interesting feature of this meteorite is the Widmanstätten-pattern.

ID # Muonionalusta184-7
Weight : 184.7 g
Price: Sold
 ID # Muonionalusta222-7
Weight: 222.7 g
Price: $SOLD
ID # Muonionalusta252.2
Weight: 252.2 g
Price: SOLD
ID # Muonionalusta802
Weight: 802 g
Note: Endcut

A specimen card will be included.


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