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Harriman (Of)

It is unclear when the Harriman (OF) was found, either 1939 or 1947. The location of the fall was in Harriman, Tennessee. It was not an observed fall. Total known mass of the Harriman is 30 kg and it is classified as a Iron IVA.

This specimen is from the Monnig Collection at TCU.

No specimens available at this time. Check back later.


  1. friedrich says:

    Dear Sir,
    How can I buy meteorite by you? Where is the link “buy it now”?
    I live in China. My English is poor.
    I have interest in meteorite. I habe bought two items on ebay.
    On you website I don’t know how to deal with you.
    It ist a pleasure, to receive an anwser from you.


  2. Sun Yuting says:

    Dear Mrs./Mr.,

    I am very interested into the Harriman. Do you sell the Harriman in the whole pieces or smaller pieces? Is there any left? Thanks a lot!

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