2nd day in the field completed. We chased down to the  location of the sonic boom in Edgewood Texas. Turned out it was some redneck nutcase using explosives as a ‘reactive target’ for his shooting range.

Me, Torvald Hessel, and Donavan Moore got permission to be on the land of the Banisters. 100 acres east of the upper radar return in Edgewood. We invited their kids to walk with us. The channel 8 news crew joined us for an interview. 5 man walk over the grounds for 2 hours establishes that nothing is there.  This means we’ve now covered hundreds of prime acres under the entire northern blip. WHere the hell are the stones?

Then we got a call from D. Garcia – the Doppler data appears to be a spurious return over Edgewood. So edgewood looks like toast.  So we drive west and interview a fireman in Wills Point. He was standing in his bay and washing a firetruck when he saw the meteor. His account places darkflight North West of Wills Point.

I called Marc Fries with the bad news and told him all I know. He likes the new data and will search for radar returns in the new area.

I’ve met Stephen Thompson tonight, who did interviews on meteor witnesses. he thinks the path went north of Edgewood. We compare notes, and I plot a new path, it agrees with his as well.  Tomorrow we seek sonic boom witnesses.