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Aiquila (H5)

History: A bright fireball appeared over Aiquile, Cochabamba district of Bolivia, on 20 November 2016, 17:57 local time (UTC-4). Stones fell in a strewn field of at least 12 × 2 km (northeasterly direction) in the following Aiquile communities: Tablamayu, Panamá, Chawar Mayu, Chaqo K’asa, Barbechos and Cruz Loma. The main bolide fragmentation occurred over the Tablamayu community, 12 km north of Aiquile. In the Cruz Loma community, C. Veizaga witnessed the fall of the largest stone (36.3 kg) about 500 m from him. He recovered the stone and in the following day the local Aiquile government (Luiz L. Arnez, Marco Cardona, Franz Navia, William Rodriguez, Jesus Yave) took the stone to the city museum. In the Panamá community, Roberto Soto witnessed the fall and recovered two other fragments (565 g, 2.2 kg). SERGEOMIN (Miguel A. Muriel, G. Villca, A. Perez), UMSA (Gonzalo Pereira), Brazil NM collaborators (Andre R. Moutinho, José M. Monzon) and S. Medina found additional fragments in the Panamá community. A. Moutinho found a 98 g fragment which was used for classification.

For more information about the Aiquile visit the Meteoritical Bulletin Entry Here: http://www.lpi.usra.edu/meteor/metbull.php?code=460

The Aiquile meteorite is classified as an H5 chondrite.

ID #: Aiquila-902  Weight : 902 g
Price: $12,450.00
Other side of specimin
Weight : 902 g
Price: $12,450.00
ID #: Aiquila

Weight : 14.4 g
Price: SOLD

ID #: Aiquila
Weight : 22 g
Price: $66.00
ID #:
Weight : 20 g
Price: $60.00
The other side of the specimen.
ID #: Aiquila

Weight : 26.2 g
Price: $sold

ID #: Aiquila
Weight : 44.4 g
Price: $133.20
ID #: Aiquila
Weight : 52.4 g
Price: $157.20
ID #: Aiquila
Weight : 152 g
Price: $456.00
ID #: Aiquila
Weight : 275 g
Price: $825.00
Notes: Endcut
ID #: Aiquila
Weight : 350 g
Price: $1050.00

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