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  1. Robert Chretien says:

    I live in Lufkin TX, and on Sunday morning I found in my back yard what looks to be a black fusion encrusted rock a little bit larger then my fist ( It’s total weight is 664 grams) there where 80 other smaller rocks scattered around it. I did a field test on it and it passes the meteorite test. If your interested I will take some pictures and send them to you.

  2. maritza perez says:

    I’d like to send a picture of possible meteor. Found five years ago on the south central side of vieques island PR in the Caribbean. Weighs 2.86 lbs ,I used my grocers scale, its about 7″ by 5″ by 4″ . Black matte , has little hair like lines . coral was trying to form, husband found it snorkling in about 25 feet water.

  3. phil says:

    i would like to send you some pictures for you to look at.
    we need help to identfy.
    this is a very beautiful rock that needs a name

  4. rocky tippy says:

    Found about a two and a half pound rock I beleive to a meteorite. Passed the magnet test. Very dark black rock with rust patches on it. Has one small spot with “surface cracking” still evident. Did’nt have anything to polish window with. Knocked small flake off surface, below was much lighter and very granular. Like to send some photos.

  5. Kimberly and Steve Eliopulos says:

    We have 3 suspect meteorites. Have tossed about having them authenticated for some time now and would like to know if sending pictures to someone who is knowledgeable on the subject would help with that process. All 3 are quite large and pass the magnet and exterior texture test. However, we are hesitant to perform window test as we are not certain if there is a “sweet side” to a meteorite (perhaps a side that is preferable for display to a collector). I would hate to ruin it (if that’s possible considering its journey). Would you please advise us on the next step. Thank you.

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