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Lamesa (b) (L5)

In 1985, after a particularly hard rain, a farmer found a large rock in a ditch near Lamesa, Texas. For the next 20 years, he used the rock as a bookend. Then in 2005, the rock was finally recognized for what it actually is—a chondrite L5. The Lamesa meteorite has a total known weight of 1.44 kg.

For more information about the Aldama(b) visit the Meteoritical Bulletin Entry Here: http://www.lpi.usra.edu/meteor/metbull.php?code=12452

ID #: Lamesa17-3
Weight : 17.3 g
Price: $86.50
Notes: 4mm thick
ID #: Lamesa23Weight : 23 g
Price: $115.00
Notes: 4 mm thick
ID #: Lamesa52
Weight : 52 g
Price: $260.00
Notes: End Slice A card will be included with specimen.
 Back of specimen.

 A specimen card will be included.

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